Kathy’s Choice For Central Coast Wines

We’ve had some fine Central Coast wines lately, that made Kathy’s Choice. If there’s one thing we do often, besides drink fine Central Coast wines, it’s buy them. And when we love them, we stock up, we’re talking case purchases here. Why wouldn’t you, you want to continue the great drinking experience, don’t you?


These are all wines we’ve been drinking lately, found at tasting rooms, restaurants, and wine shops, so it’s likely you won’t have any problem finding them. That said, the goods ones always sell out fast and they’re the only ones that make Kathy’s Choice. The order has nothing to do with what’s best, and if you hope to find any of them, simply Google their name and visit their webpage, where you can certainly order their wines, or visit the tasting room so you can taste before you buy–now that’s a win-win!

These first recommendations were purchased in Central Coast restaurants:

IMG_8040 2 IMG_8030 2 IMG_7809






The latter recommendations were picked up at local tasting rooms:









IMG_8016IMG_8005 2 IMG_8004IMG_7744

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