Grevino in Santa Maria Valley

David AddamoFrom the Vine, my wine column about Gevino!

It’s time once again to read my latest column published today in the Santa Maria Times and the Lompoc Record (it appears every other Sunday). It’s free to the public, although you may have to answer one simple question about their advertisers. I don’t mind telling you, that’s not a difficult thing. Click on this link to read all about the good things that have happened to winemaker David Addamo since he had to sell his dream estate winery and vineyard on East Clark Avenue in Santa Maria here:

I had a great discussion with Addamo about his selling his winery and vineyard in Santa Maria Valley, and tasting room in Old Orcutt. And he fully realized the experience of when you’re disappointed in losing something, a better window of opportunity opens up for you! Now he’s the executive winemaker at Ca’ Del Grevino (or they keep it simple by calling it “Grevino”). I say good for you, David, you deserve it!

If you liked Addamo Wines in Old Orcutt like I did, and as much as the new owners of Grevino did, you’re sure to love the wines he’s making at Grevino. Please do check them out on their webpage at

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