Ideal Gifts for Wine Lovers!

In my latest column, Gifts for Wine Lovers, I offer some terrific ideas that won’t break the bank!

Winemakers of Paso RoblesIt’s in my bi-weekly wine column, From the Vine, published in the Santa Maria Times and Lompoc Record every other Sunday. In the column, I’ve provided links to the products so you can get the details and order them online, check it out on this free link:

SBC Wine Box

I’ve recommended a beautiful new book about Paso Robles wine country. It’s a coffee table book with spectacular photos featuring 50 of Paso Robles renowned winemakers (there are more, you know) captured in the art of their craft. There are very affordable boutique wine boxes with six half-bottles of wines of all varieties and blends, one in a Paso Robles collection, the other a Santa Barbara County collection.


And I also suggest sharing a Santa Ynez Valley wine adventure with your BFF which are very affordable at $45 per person to visit 15 wineries, that way you both have a good time (I don’t recommend doing all of them in one day–but I’m sure you know better than that!).

Better yet, convince several friend they should do the same thing, and then get together to share a limo or luxurious bus tour. I highly recommend these three touring companies (alphabetically as to not show any favoritism):

101 Tours by Laura Jeffrey at

Breakaway Tours by Jill Tweedy at

The Wine Wrangler by Coy and Sarah Barnes at

They all cover a broad range of Central Coast wine appellations (regions).

We love our readers and wish you all many cheers, thanks for sticking with us!


2 comments for “Ideal Gifts for Wine Lovers!

  1. Cheryl Edie
    December 17, 2017 at 4:27 pm

    Greetings, I enjoyed your article giving great wine gift ideas. I rushed right out to get the Boutique Wine Sampler at the California Fresh in Pismo as your article stated. I was so disappointed to find that they do not carry it. After checking with the Boutique Wine Box website I discovered that they have it at their SLO market. I sure hope I am able to run one down for my favorite uncle. Thanks for the tip.

    • admin
      December 17, 2017 at 4:59 pm

      Thank you, Cheryl, I appreciate your support and hope you find it.

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