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One of the most popular events on the Central Coast, with good reason, I know very few wine lovers who don’t love Champagne! But at Bubblyfest, you get much, much more! There’s a winemakers’ dinner featuring all sparkling dinner parties for a fried chicken feast, winemakers’ seminar series, a Great Gatsby (or Roaring 20’s) themed cocktail party, and Bubblyfest by the Sea which is a terrific grand tasting alongside the azure Pacific Ocean.

Although the very creative festivities at Bubblyfest started with a focus on local sparkling wines, now you’ll also find an array of French Champagnes, Italian Proceccos, and Spanish Cavas. What’s not to love about three days of amazing, one-of-a-kind parties?

DHickey bubbly CNagy Bubbly

You can easily find my column in the Santa Maria Times and the Lompoc Record by following this convenient link:


You count on meeting local winemakers like the above pictured Clarissa Nagy with Riverbench in Santa Maria Valley, as winemaker Dave Hickey of Laetitia in Arroyo Grande Valley. You’ll find many more details in my From the Vine column about this killer, upcoming event. Plus additional historical information about the participating wineries, and links to the Bubblyfest 2017 webpage where you’ll learn much more.

Or simply go to their webpage now to purchase tickets so you one of those luckiest to say you got in because you bought your tickets in advance. Cheers!

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