Villa San Juliette’s Jeep Tours

Villa San Juliette’s Jeep Tours Provide an Excellent Experience

San Juliette patioMy From the Vine column in the Santa Maria Times and the Lompoc Record was published today, Sunday, April 9th, and this is one you’ll definitely want to read. In it I describe Villa San Juliette’s new Jeep tours through the vineyards, where you stop to taste their wines providing you, the consumer, with a view that used to be privy only to winery insiders, and the media. Click on this link to read the story free of charge:

Dan Smith copy

Now you can get a “taste” of the treatment the media experiences during most visits to wineries with estate vineyards. Learn more about this fine winery at

We’re sure you’ll enjoy reading about some of the illuminating rides Kathy Marcks Hardesty has experienced around the world, too.

Here are photos of Kathy in Switzerland with winemaker Matthias Gubler (who worked at Vina Robles for 10-years) before returning home to the spectacular Swiss Alps! Search for my story about Matthias here on Central Coast Critic, or on Google.

Kathy and Matthias

Climbing the Alps

Swiss mountains

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