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The Talley Family’s historic impact in the Arroyo Grande Valley

Brian TalleyThis week I was pleased to write my From the Vine wine column about a family I have known since I first moved to the Central Coast in early February, 1996. Renowned first for their outstanding produce, when patriarch Oliver Talley planted their premium quality vegetable and fruit crops in rural Arroyo Grande, the Talley’s would become known worldwide for the quality of their wines round the world. That latter evolution thanks to the visionary Don Talley, the next generation. Together with his son, third generation Brian Talley, they created a great winery in Arroyo Grande Valley that ranks among the best wines produced on the Central Coast.

Not only that, many of the Central Coast’s finest winemakers in SLO County and Santa Barbara County buy grapes from Talley’s consistently great vineyards, including Rosemary’s and Rincon estate vineyards in Arroyo Grande Valley, and Stone Corral and Olivers vineyards in Edna Valley.

I’ve written a column in the Santa Maria Times and the Lompoc Record about Brian Talley’s new cookbook (today he’s president of Talley Farms and Talley Vineyards which was published today, it’s now available at the tasting room in Arroyo Grande Valley. You can read it by clicking on this free link:



This cookbook, “Our California Table,” is so wine friendly, and that means it’s not limited to Talley wines. Brian’s wine and food suggestions would work with the same varieties or wine blends from any of your favorite producers (we’re talking about good quality wines here, not Two-Buck Chuck or box wines). Not only that, Brian, who admits he isn’t a “professional chef,” is sharing his favorite recipes and recipes from three generations of his family that are easy to replicate. Even for former chefs like myself, who turn away from super complicated dishes (now that we don’t have a huge prep-staff of cooks getting all of the chopping and washing done before hand), they are appealing. So get yourself to their tasting room, what better excuse for heading out to the tasting room trails, and buying a local cookbook that fits every home cook, no matter how experienced you are. You can learn more at www.talleyvineyards.com.

Bon appetit!

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