The New Peacock Cellars in AG!

It’s Sunday and that means my Santa Maria Times and Lompoc Record column is out, with the spotlight on Peacock Cellars.


It came about thanks to an invitation to join my friend Heidy Jackson Mangiardi and her friends to the Peacock Cellars tasting room, and we agreed to meet them there. Heidy is a longtime fan of their wines, and a member of their wine club. We had no idea it was a brand new building that offers the treasures of rural Arroyo Grande Valley. We very much enjoyed it and the treats of fine wines and ripe fruit we purchased that day. We think you’ll love it, too.


Peacock Cellars and Farm has been operating on Los Berros Road in rural Arroyo Grande for many years now, but the wasn’t open to the public. They did have a lovely fruit stand where you paid for the fruit by slipping the money into a locked box since no one was actively running the produce stand. Fast forward to now when they have a brand new winery and tasting room with a fruit stand on the side.



IMG_7650You can read the story free by clicking on this convenient link:

I explain about the new farm stand, a focus on the wines, tasting fees that are given back if you purchase wine, and their hours of operation. You can visit their webpage, or even join their wine club if you click on their webpage:

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