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The New Alpha Omega Collective is Well Worth Knowing3 winemakers AO

My latest From the Vine column in the Santa Maria Times and the Lompoc Record was published today, and it’s all about the new Alpha Omega Collective of  three top-notch wineries which includes Tolosa in Edna Valley. As usual you can read it free–and surely you want to know about all of them–simply click on this direct link to my column:


Fortunately, I happened to mention to a friend in Pismo Beach that I was writing about a big change at Tolosa. She thought it was because a large corporation had purchased Tolosa, but I told her that’s not true. It has always been a locally owned and managed winery. The big change was that Robin and Michelle Baggett had returned, after establishing Alpha Omega winery in Napa Valley in 2006, to take over management of Tolosa. But now there are now three brands in the Alpha Omega Collective, Alpha Omega in Napa Valley, Tolosa in Edna Valley, and Perinet in Spain’s notable Priorat appellation.

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I had the opportunity to taste two flagship wines from each brand and they were all impressive. While it’s not about a second tier with good value brands, among the wines in the collective are flagship wines you want to have stashed in your cellar to celebrate special occasions, or when you’re dining with people that you want to impress with your savvy wine knowledge.

Learn all about this fine collection of international wines at And as I noted in my column, you get the best deals when you’re a club member at any winery, as well as access to special wines that aren’t available in the tasting room or online. It’s well worth looking into whenever you discover a new brand that you love. It has indeed happened to me. I would buy wines at a winery with every new vintage, then I realized since I’m buying the wines annually, I should join the wine club to get much better prices.


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