Restaurant Week is back!

My From the Vine column in the Santa Maria Times/Lompoc Record spotlights two restaurant weeks! 20180106_163645

I was surprised to learn that the Santa Maria and the Santa Ynez Restaurant Weeks in 2018 run consecutively, from today, Jan. 14 through Jan. 28th, but not both of them are on the same days. Santa Maria Restaurant Week starts on the 14th and finishes on Jan. 20th. The Santa Ynez Valley Restaurant Week begins Jan. 21st and concludes on Jan. 28th. And since they are are within short range of each other, that gives rez of the northern Santa Barbara County (as well as SLO County even though they run Restaurant Week over the entire month) a huge array of options for excellent meals that are downright cheap in price! Not only that, many winery tasting rooms are taking advantage of the great press by participating, too. Think of it like this, both weeks include restaurants you may feel are too pricey for your budget, but during Restaurant Week they’re affordable for almost everyone. It’s a win-win for food and wine lovers!


You can learn all about them by checking our my column, which is free by clicking on this handy link:



Click on the last photo to get the dates for the Santa Ynez Valley Restaurant Week, but do click on my column where I provide a lot more information and links to their webpages.

By the way, the newspaper does ask a consumer question to let you read the column free, but I can promise they don’t follow you or besiege you with ads. I know this from experience. Bon appetit!


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