Lumen’s Outstanding Wines

Lumen Wines by Lane Tanner and Will Henry

I first met and interviewed winemaker Lane Tanner in 1996 when Dan and I relocated to SLO County from San Francisco. And who doesn’t love this charming pioneer for women winemakers in Santa Barbara County (and beyond), with her infectious, beautiful smile. But her skills impress far beyond her charms, which she has proved with her (unusually) age-worthy wines ever since. While all wines benefit from some age, I’ve rarely had the opportunity to taste wines that go back to the early 1980’s and still taste as fresh as a much younger wine. That’s what we call aging gracefully, and you’ll find that quality in all of her fine wines.
Take this Lumen 2012 Pinot Noir Santa Barbara County, we recently opened for dinner. It was so amazingly fresh and delicious, it was difficult to believe it was already five years old. Although this wine is no longer available in the Los Alamos General Store (we urge you to buy it should you find it in any wine shop or restaurant), where you’ll also find the awesome eatery they named Pico for a local bandit in the old days, they are selling the 2014 Pinot Noir for $30 retail. And you can believe us when we say, it’s the new vintage is an excellent Pinot as well.
While we were there last Thursday night (July 13th, 2017 for a media tasting and tour), we  bought a bottle of the 2016 Starry Rose Santa Barbara County, even though they weren’t pouring it. Were we ever glad we did, the awesome pink wine was amazing in a vintage where many Roses are super light in flavor and body. This pinkie isn’t lacking in either department and we wondered if she added some still Grenache to give it depth. No matter, it’s drinks deliciously whether you’re enjoying it with food or on its own. It’s $24 retail and worth every penny!
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