Kathy’s Choice Workman Ayer Wine Co.

Kathy’s Choice- Workman Ayer in Santa Barbara County

November 2, 2017

Michel Ayer

An interesting new brand came to us recently from winemaker Michel Ayer which is made in Buellton, Workman Ayer. Not only did we find both wines impressive, we found them excellent on their own and with the appropriate foods.

Both of the wines, 2014 vintage, are still available on their webpage at www.workmanayer.com. Plus the webpage explains the meaning the Latin names they use to name their wines. At this point they do not have a tasting room and they are not members of the Santa Barbara Vintners Association. All of which makes it difficult to get the word out about your new wine brand. We believe that’s the reason they reached out to Central Coast Critic. They have wines available that go back to the 2010 vintage, as well as newer vintages, most of which are priced at $38 and below. The wines are all Rhone inspired from great vineyards, most of them from the Central Coast.

Workman Ayer RRB

The only wine that is priced higher is the 2014 De Facto Rhone red blend made up of 37 percent Ballard Canyon Syrah, 27 percent Los Alamos Syrah, 26 percent, and 10 percent Los Alamos Grenache, extremely limited in production, this library wine now sells for $100 retail a bottle. After tasting this impressive Rhone blend, it’s a perfect wine that drinks as well on it’s own as it did with a fine steak dinner we prepared to enjoy with it. It would also be an excellent choice paired with lamb chops, leg of lamb, game, and sausage based dishes like jambalaya or paella; They do have a wine club you may be inspired to join, which always provides wine at discounted prices.

Workman Ayer WW

We also enjoyed the excellent Ipso Facto white wine which is 100 percent Viognier. It would make an impressive choice for the Thanksgiving feast, and any other holiday meals when you’re entertaining. It, too, is as enjoyable on its own as it is with food. It will only improve with time, should you decide to enjoy it in celebration of an important life event or the upcoming holidays. It’s sold for $38 retail on their webpage.

Bon Appetit!

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