Kathy’s Choice in Fine Wines

Kathy’s Choice in Fine Wines You Can Still Buy! IMG_7313 2

We love our local Central Coast wines, and sometimes worry about having a “Central Coast palate.” Meaning we more than lean toward favoring local wines, yet we still drink enough wines from outside this region to keep our priorities straight. And to that we must say, Central Coast wines keep on getting better with every vintage, and all of these are recently released wines. Huzzah!

IMG_7294 IMG_7303

That means you can still get them, too. If you want to know more about any of these prize choices we suggest here, simply click on the website link to get the prices and availability. You can believe, if these weren’t our idea of great wines, they wouldn’t be showing up on our webpage!

IMG_7293 2 IMG_7233




From top to bottom:

IMG_7289 IMG_7290






For the new brand Timbre in the historic town of Arroyo Grande go to www.lafenetrewines.com


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