SLO Health & Fitness Acai Competition

The Central Coast’s Best Acai!


The event coordinators generously made sure attendees could get to taste the acai bowls at the end of the competition, after the winner was announced, VirtJuice in Arroyo Grande Valley.

Upon learning that I was would be among the judges at the acai bowl competition during the local health convention featuring local acai specialists, many friends said they couldn’t wait to hear who won!

Even though I was originally given the list of participants, I had forgotten their brand names the day I attended. One thing I did remember from research online was that acai is pronounced: ah-saw-ee. Most people wrongly believe you don’t pronounce the e at the end.

It was fun and interesting, even though we only had four bowls to taste test (one local business couldn’t make it).The bowls were labeled number 1 through 4, but it was a blind tasting so we didn’t know who made which bowl. We at Central Coast Critic believe that’s the ideal way to judge anything. It keeps any prejudice the judges might have out of the equation. The winner didn’t surprise me one bit, and it earned the most points from the five judges (including me).



The number one bowl was the fourth in our taste testing, and it was by VirtJuice in Arroyo Grande (in the same building that is home to my beloved Ember and Sweet Pea Bakery!). You can find our original, very positive review of VirtJuice here on Central Coast Critic.
The other competitors did a great job, which included Seeds, UBATUBA, and The Neighborhood acai and juice bars in San Luis Obispo, and the winner which was VirtJuice in Arroyo Grande (UBATUBA also has a location on Grand Ave. in Arroyo Grande).
In the end, the VirtJuice acai bowl was exactly what I would have expected it to be, not too sweet, nor sour, with really fresh fruit on top, and it was irresistible. Most importantly, delightfully delicious and healthy! Here are the address for each of the businesses, we encourage you to check them out!



1200 East Grande Ave.

Arroyo Grande, CA




816 East Grand Ave.

Arroyo Grande, CA

785 Marsh St.


(no webpage)



1133 Garden St.


@seedsongarden on Facebook and Twitter


The Neighborhood

973 E. Foothill Blvd.


You can believe it when we say, each entry was well done, and you’ve got to love discovering each one to find your favorite. Bon appetit!


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