A great new eatery–SLO Provisions!

Jensen Lorenzen

Consulting Chef Jensen Lorenzen

IMG_3563Just opened– SLO Provisions Eats & Sweets

After reading this story about our latest opening in SLO, you should be as excited as I am about the opening of SLO Provisions Eats & Sweets. It’s sure to become a new local favorite for you, too! If you know of the renowned Chef Jensen Lorenzen of Cass House in Cayucos (I can’t imagine a serious local food lover who doesn’t know him), you’ll be excited to hear that he’s their consulting chef. Not only did he create most of the recipes for the menu, he’s actively involved in getting the new eatery running smoothly. I was so happy when I learned of their opening coming soon, I began following SLO Provisions on Facebook.


I only heard about the SLO Provisions project last week, and I assumed it was Chef Jensen’s new eatery in downtown SLO. When I sent an email to the biz contact address, I wrote a personal note to him. I was happy to receive a response only a couple of hours later in which I learned he was their consulting chef. Nevertheless, I followed them to watch for the announcement of their opening. They actually had soft-openings over the past several days. But yesterday was their opening day and I eager to be there. Luckily, I decided to arrive until after the high noon rush, walking in at 1:30 to find the place had quieted down.


My early visit to SLO Provisions yesterday provided the opportunity to meet co-owner Steve Bland, the personable co-owner behind the counter. He told me he owns it with his partner, Dwyne Willis and explained that most of the menu was inspired by Jensen who created the recipes for the menu and worked with the chef team to make their outstanding foods to provide an exceptional dining experience. Jensen hired chef de cuisine Elijah Blackburn, who was formerly at Novo for many years. They also hired Robert Mayfield, a longtime team member with Chef Wilhelm “Bill” Hoppe in  his kitchen at Hoppe’s Garden Bistro in Cayucos. The new baker is Nancy Rodgers, who was formerly baked pastries at Linnea’s in SLO.


Even with all of this respectable talent in the kitchen, it’s still a very casual café/deli. There with only four seats at the two bars placed along the front windows. Steve hopes to add a couple of bistro tables on the small patio in front of the shop. It’s the perfect spot to grab some hot and cold take-out food when you’re headed home after work and don’t feel like cooking. Or if you need a bite to eat in the late afternoon. You can call in advance to order what you want to pick up for dinner that night. They’re open daily from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. weekdays, 8 a.m. until 7 p.m. Saturdays, and 8 a.m. until 3 p.m. Sundays. Steve did give me the idea that everything is in flux while they figure out what will work best for SLO Provisions through this opening period. I just discovered they won’t be opening weekends through their first month in October, after that they will be open daily (edited Oct. 10, 2015).

SP whole chicken

The awesome rotisserie chicken salad was so delicious , I ordered the family chicken (whole bird) dinner to take home. Yes, it was that good. But I was confident it would be, knowing that Jensen wouldn’t have let them open today delicious their talented team of chefs were not ready. It was impressive on all counts. Remember, only a total jerk critiques a restaurant that just opened, so don’t go hyper-critic on them. There are always bumps along the road to glory, and I know they’re going to make it because they’ve done everything right. Hiring one of our finest local chefs as consultant was the most brilliant thing they could have done. And in turn he hired some great local talent.

As a side note, they do not sell wine or beer, this photo was taken while we enjoyed dinner at home. The Groundwork 2013 Grenache Blanc was excellent with it. SLO Provisions also offers an array of coffees, teas, hot chocolate, sodas, and bottled waters. Breakfast menu items include scones, quiche, avocado brioche toast, grilled breakfast sandwich, granola parfait, and more.

This photo is of the family dinner, $24.95 which feeds three to four, and includes roasted potatoes, a side salad, and dessert which was a choice of one of the freshly baked cookies. I also ordered the side of deviled eggs that are “lightly smoked and vinegar’d,” $1.75 for two. The whole chicken can be ordered alone for only $14.50, half for $9.50, and $5.50 for a quarter. It’s basted with chicken fat and lightly salted before it goes into the rotisserie. I loved the ginger cookie, $2.50, it was soft and chewy, but not overly sweet, just perfect.


Chef de Cuisine Elijah Blackburn

BTW, some people believe that Chef Meagen Loring is the owner and/or the chef behind it. Indeed, Steve said she did begin consulting for them. Unfortunately she couldn’t see it through due to caring for her father who fell ill. She did, however, lead the Steve and Dwyne to Jensen. That’s why so many locals are confused about who owns it. Pay a visit to SLO Provisions soon, I promise it’s well worth your time, money, and satisfaction!

This quote from Dwyne and Steve was taken from their webpage at www.sloprovisions.com.

Steve and Dwyne

SLO Provisions proprietors Steve Bland and Dwyne Willis on the left

“At the intersection of rustic and refined, SLO Provisions offers all-day take-away with house-roasted rotisserie meats, family-style dinners, specialty sandwiches, farm-fresh salads, and rustic-style baked goods, as well as signature drinks and coffees. A commitment to local ingredients and small-batch purveyors ensures that dishes like Spanish bocadillos and black-eyed pea salad enliven the senses, while proprietors Dwyne Willis and Steve Bland pour on plenty of Southern hospitality to make each and every guest feel like a friend.

IMG_3570 (1)


SLO Provisions

1255 Monterey St.

San Luis Obispo, CA



4 comments for “A great new eatery–SLO Provisions!

  1. Wendy Most
    October 10, 2015 at 8:33 am

    If you’ve got Jensen then you’ve got us!

    • October 10, 2015 at 8:36 am

      LOL, how true, Wendy. I love your post! I’ve been a fan ever since I first met Jensen and Grace in Los Osos.

  2. Barbara Pruitt
    September 26, 2017 at 8:44 pm

    How much seating is available?

    • October 4, 2017 at 5:21 pm

      I really have no idea, and haven’t been there recently so they may have made more changes. But you can learn all about them by visiting their webpage at http://www.sloprovisions.com. I would suggest calling them once you spot their contact info. Thank you for visiting Central Coast Critic.

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