Cass House Grill in Cayucos, Revisited

Yet Another Fabulous Lunch at Cass House Grill!


That’s Chef Cory Bidwell on the right, who’s creating the excellent menus at Cass House Cayucos

IMG_5575Mother’s Day 2017

We revisited the Cass House Grill in Cayucos yesterday, and we were so pleased to find the consistency factor was spot on! That is the mark of a truly great restaurant with a talented chef like Cory Bidwell behind it. Of course, just as much credit goes to the Inn’s proprietor Traci Hozie who works as hard as anyone among her staff at seeing to the comfort of their guests. It’s crystal clear she loves her business, and sees to its success.

We were there to try some new dishes and we were so glad we did. The new pulled pork timbale is outta this world with the whole grain mustard-honey sauce.


We loved the deviled eggs, the most delicious version I’ve tried in any restaurant. IMG_7336
The proscuitto wrapped nectarines were another tasty treat, although I’d wait until further along in the season to order it when the fruit is summer sweet.



Although I had to have the lobster sandwich because I was craving it, I can’t wait to return and try other new dishes. In fact, Traci told me a new menu is coming out soon and she is excited about it. I’m sure we will be, too. They are adding a locals night on Mondays, which sounds great with new additions like their burger.

Although we didn’t try the new burger on this visit, we will the next time we’re there. Dan was in the mood for something simple, so he ordered the chicken salad.

IMG_5661By the end of this meal, even our server was impressed that we left little behind. If it wasn’t excellent, there would have been much more left behind.

If you haven’t been to the new Cass House Grill, you’re missing out, get there before the summer crowds start packing the place! And do try one of their fabulous desserts like the Meyer lemon tartlete and decadent flourless chocolate torte.


Learn more about one of the Central Coast’s finest restaurants for foodies and lovers at





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