Kathy’s Choice in Fine Wines

Kathy’s Choice in Fine Wines

There’s no doubt about it, we love fine wine here at Central Coast Critic. In all honesty, we don’t drink any other liquor other than the occasional artisan draft. So here are some of the wines we felt were good enough to recommend. All of these fine wines are available, although the Soter Vineyards may be harder to find since it’s sold out online. To be promoted here, adult beverages must be very good to excellent, and they must be drinkable both on their own and when paired with food. As Julia Child always said, bon appetit!


This Adelaida 2013 Version Red has amazing depth in its layers of aromas and flavors. A blend of 52% Syrah, 40% Mourvedre, and 8% Grenache, it was delicious from start to finish. At $50 retail, it’s a wine for celebrating any of your special occasions. Learn more at www.Adelaida.com.


This Martin Ray Pinot Noir tastes ripe, but it’s quite well balanced and pleasant to sip on its own. It was excellent with our steak fajitas for it’s a bit large for dishes like salmon. It’s a great Pinot grown in Russian River Valley (Sonoma County) for sharing with friends who are sure to be impressed. Learn more about this fine wine at www.martinraywinery.com. Although it’s sold out online, watch for it in wine shops.


This impressive,  white, a 2015 Sauvignon Blanc grown in Charlotte’s Home Vineyard in Sonoma, has been a longtime favorite for it’s easy drinking qualities and it’s affinity for complementing an array of foods. More importantly, it’s easy to find at the grocers and in Trader Joe’s for only $10.99, which is probably the best price to be found. Nicely balanced it has crisp acidity and bright notes of fruit, what more could you ask for? Check it out at www.rodneystrong.com.

Soter Planet OR

We had this wonderful Oregon 2014 Pinot Noir while dining at Fleetwood (yes, it’s Mick’s place, he lives in  Kapalua) on Maui. When I ordered it our server, an older man, said: “You just ordered the best wine on the wine list!” I admit to thinking he might say that to everyone who orders wine, but he was right, it was excellent! The retail price is $20, and $1.00 of every bottle purchased supports the Oregon Environmental Council.

Get the rest of the info at www.sotervineyards.com.

Cheers dear friends!


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