Holiday Wines for Perfect Meals

Celebrate the Holidays with These Great Wines!

In my From the Vine wine column for the Santa Maria Times, the editors don’t want actual reviews on wine or restaurants, just their stories. I’m fine with that. But for this webpage we prefer recommending wines that are of high quality, and blowing off the bad wines. That’s why I’m recommending some outstanding small producers we support vintage after vintage (vintage refers to the year the grapes were grown and harvested) for their consistently delicious wines every year. And these producers of outstanding Burgundian, Rhone, and other classic wine varieties make wines that are truly great choices for your holiday dinner parties, and celebrations with your family.


These being the last few days you have before Thanksgiving Day 2016, here are links to the local wineries here on the Central Coast we always buy wine from. You still have time to visit most of these tasting rooms before the big Thanksgiving feast, especially if you do it tomorrow when most tasting rooms are open on Sundays, to stock up on some fine wines. But do remember this, they are great choices for buying wine any time of year!

We’ve been enjoying some outstanding Pinot Noirs, Syrahs, and other wines at these great producers, which we separated by their region.


In Edna Valley:


In Avila Beach:

In Pismo Beach:

Tastes of the Valleys (A wine shop that sells most most wines from these great wineries)


In Los Osos:

In Old Orcutt:


In Los Alamos:

In Los Olivos:

In Buellton:

In Lompoc:

A visit to any or all of these fine tasting rooms is sure to reward you with many fine wine options, we guarantee it! Please tell them I sent you.

May all of your holiday food and wine pairings be awesome. Bon appetit!


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