The Sensational VirtJuice in AG

VirtJuice–Where Healthy Foods Delight!

IMG_7120Yeah, you already know we like to spend a lot of time at Ember, and Sweet Pea Bakery in Arroyo Grande. But did you know there’s another great business next door that you should want to get to know? It’s the family friendly, VirtJuice. Owners Stacia and Kyle wanted to get their children to health healthy treats, so they came up with a bunch of terrific recipes for smoothies that would make anyone crave them. I was a judge at the annual San Luis Obispo Health Fair during the Acai competion, all five judges voted their “Power” acai bowl numero uno!



Their fine motto: “The first wealth is health.”

IMG_7183I couldn’t agree more, so I advertised for them at Kennedy Club Fitness in Arroyo Grande! Learn more about them on Facebook under their business name. Or simply follow the crowds headed to these three excellent fooderies at the corners of Grand Avenue and Brisco.


1200 East Grand Ave.

Arroyo Grande, CA


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