The Rib Line

A great BBQ spot in SLO County–The Rib Line

This rock solid BBQ joint had no problem making it into our top ten list of good value restaurants four years ago. And time after time, we find them so consistently good, we have to admit to being amazingly pleased. It’s the rare good-value eatery that can live up to such standards!

Rib Line Catering

Thanks to the passionate efforts of Chef Brian Appiano, it has withstood the test of time. And through his expansion, there are now three Rib Line eateries, yet it retains its special management care by Brian and his wife Krystal Appiano.

Yet today in Grover Beach, without the managers in the house, the kitchen staff kept the food coming out as good as it always has. That was despite the fact the front-of-the-house was as under the gun was as the kitchen, the place was slammed but the service couldn’t be faulted if you were aware of the pace they were under. Dan thoughtfully praised all of the staff for carrying out their jobs well, even though there was was no boss in the house.

IMG_7368We ordered larger than usual orders of our favorites, for me it’s the baby back ribs, and for Dan it’s the BBQ chicken. We both chose the excellent baked beans to go with the meat. That’s because we eat a lot of salads at home, so it’s really nice to squander a few extra calories now and again.

IMG_7367Now we should have expected that, given the fact it’s Memorial Day weekend–with all due respect to our soldiers who unselfishly gave their all, and to our noble veterans who saw to it this country stayed free and safe for all Americans!

So if you think like we do about American celebrations that honor this great country and its patriots, you want some good BBQ and we know exactly where you want to get it, here at the Rib Line with two locations in San Luis Obispo, and BBQ by the beach in Grover Beach!

Learn more about them and their location though this convenient link:

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