Mesa Grill in Las Vegas

We Love Mesa Grill at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas


Dan and I were married in Las Vegas at the Little White Chapel 25-years ago. That’s one of the reasons we return every couple of years. Ocassionaly, we return because Dan is attending a nuclear conference there, as we did last week. This was the first time we stayed for a full week, which was exciting for me as I love revisiting old favorite dining spots as well as discovering great new restaurants. Some of the popular places we dined in were actually disappointing (watch for that story soon), but among our top favorites was the late lunch we had at Mesa Grill on a Wednesday. In fact, it was so good I wrote a rave review about it on Trip Advisor.


I ordered the smoked shrimp tacos with red cabbage slaw and serrano peppers, two tortillas, and a trio of toppings, guacamole, tomatillo salsa, and honey-habernero sauce. I might not have tasted the latter in fear it was too hot. But the server made me confident by saying it was sweet up front and ended with a spicy finish. He added, “It won’t hurt you.” And he was right, it was excellent on the tacos.


Dan, to no one’s surprise if you follow us regularly, ordered the ancho chile-honey glazed salmon with spicy black bean sauce, tomatillo sauce, and roasted jalapeno crema. As we ate we were both humming over our chosen dishes. When we tried tastes of each others chosen dish, we both marveled over how delicious everything tasted. Including the excellent bread basket of tender cornmeal muffins and raisin walnut bread (which is pictured above with our excellent bottle of Spanish Albarino, one of the better deals on the wine list).

But without having had a salad or appetizer, and not devouring the bread basket (as good as it was), we were left wanting something more after our outstanding meal so far. We were not disappointed when we ordered our last dish. Even though it wasn’t on the lunch menu, they gladly accommodated our request for their one-of-a-kind chile relleno. Damn if it wasn’t as good as our very first experience at the Mesa Grill in NYC several years earlier! It was unlike any chile relleno we’ve ever had in either of our lifetimes, it was so perfect.


Can you believe the beauty of it, it’s so puffed up yet has an excellent crunchy cornmeal crust? When you slice into it, it oozes out cheesy goodness with bits of corn kernels and who knows what else–but it is literally fantastic! I tried a bite, despite not caring for chile rellenos, and I had to have more. Dan was equally enamored with it, and wouldn’t have shared it with anyone else!

Our server offered an irresistible dessert list, but we were so done. That meal was so satisfying, we couldn’t think of eating anything else. And if you ask me, that’s the perfect meal. By the way, that Spanish Albarino by Burgans, a total winner whether you’re sipping it alone, or enjoying it with amazing Spanish cuisine!

We hadn’t been to Mesa Grill in our past several visits to Las Vegas, but it will be high on our list the next time we go. It is outstanding for the quality of its cuisine compared to many others that are more popular simply because they are new. Check it out on your next visit and I guarantee you will be glad you did!

In a city with so many great choices in dining, a restaurant has to be top notch to survive, and that’s exactly what we found at Mesa Grill.

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