Foremost Wine Co. a Great New Eatery


Foremost Wine Co. a destination wine shop, tasting room, and restaurant in San Luis Obispo, California

The hottest new eatery in San Luis Obispo County!

Last week I provided a bit of a teaser about this exciting new restaurant, wine shop, and tasting room opening in San Luis Obispo, just to garner your enthusiasm. But now that Foremost is poised to open tomorrow, November 12th at 5 p.m., I can further tease you by finishing my review of their soft opening during which I was amazed on Wednesday, November 5th. Believe me, you’ll be eager to dine here!

Please note that they won’t start opening for lunch until November 25th, and Foremost will be dark on Mondays, but this is one place you will want to dine any time from Tuesday through Sunday with dinner beginning at 5 p.m. I’ll let you know once I’ve learned when they are opening for lunch. This is the place every wine lover will want to know about. After all, when you love fine wine, you definitely love fine food!

In fact, I’m so enthused about the opening of this hot new wine bar/restaurant, I’m going to have to bump another place off my Top 10 Best Upscale Dining Rooms to add Foremost, and that is truly giving them my highest praise.

Julie Simon

Chef Julie Simon, born in Paris, France, is a natural born chef. She was one of the top five winning chefs from Santa Cruz to Ventura, when I was a judge with Central Coast Magazine during the Ultimate Chef Contest, which was held annually.

From the very first meal Dan Hardesty and I quickly devoured there, I can easily predict this great eatery/tasting room will be an immediate hit among locals and wine country visitors. So I’ll take you through this exciting new destination as my soul mate Dan and I saw it for the first time. We entered through the back door by the parking lot, but there is a front door that enters through the lounge on Higuera Street.


The Foremost wine shop

We loved seeing so many world class wines, both domestic and imports, available for purchase to enjoy while dining at Foremost, or to take home after dinner . They have compiled a fantastic wine list with wines available at by the glass, some by the carafe, and all available by the bottle. The wine bar is at the backside of the building, where you can sample wines from Foremost Wine Co., or buy wines available on the list. What’s nice is the menu of appetizers, charcuterie, cheese, and main dishes you can order while tasting. After all, fine wine is the ultimate beverage with food, in my mind.


Three salumis, saucisson d’Alsace, wild boar, and finocchiona, with grilled bread, a perfect wine pairing

I loved the charcuterie served on a rustic wooden board with the crispy rustic bread. Next we shared the buffalo mozzarella with reserved sun gold tomatoes, olive oil, and fresh basil. I can’t think of a more ideal place for sharing dishes.

We also ordered the Koko’s cheese, cow and coconut from holland, with a dried date and thinly sliced almonds, which was so tasty and unique.

Koko Our next course was the seaweed and persimmon salad with ginger creme fraiche and sesame brittle, which tastes even better than it looks. It was a wonderful contrast of flavors and textures yet it’s amazingly wine friendly, as it should be!

sesame salad We also enjoyed the warm goat cheese salad with butter leaf lettuce, black olive oil, and lemon. Chef Julie Simon had broiled the cheese atop a crispy flatbread, making it all the more intriguing and delicious.


We both loved the fire grilled octopus with a chorizo viniagriette and creamed corn, it was absolutely soulful!

Dan, always the culinary adventurer, ordered the grilled octopus and its earthy, rich sauces made it a favorite for both of us. As if this wasn’t enough we took our meal several steps beyond during this culinary adventure!

From that totally satisfying dish we moved on to another. We tried the prawns al ajillo, featuring Kauai white shrimp with aioli, grilled flatbread, and grilled lemon slices with an amazing Romesco sauce that made the dish so irresistible.

family style prawns

Kauai white shrimp with aioli, lemon, and grilled flatbread

We concluded with dessert to share, we had to try one after all. The dark chocolate cake topped with sweetened strawberries and ice cream. I loved the awesome dark chocolate cake, although I found the strawberries a bit too sweetened for my taste.

Overall, we cannot wait to return and try more at this awesome new addition to the San Luis Obispo culinary scene. I must admit I wasn’t too surprised knowing the natural talent of their executive chef Julie Simon. She built her reputation at Thomas Hill Organics, her first position as the chef, and she continues to impress all of us who follow her for her fabulous, original dishes.As I tell everyone as I constantly recommend this outstanding new restaurant/wine tasting room, this is the hottest new destination for food and wine on the Central Coast.

For your review and interest in pricing, here are a few of the menus and wine lists at Foremost Wine Co.

Menu 2

First page of the menu

Menu 1

Second page of the menu


An extensive list of wines by the glass, with many also available by the carafe


winelist 3

Menu with suggested wine pairings


















To learn more about this exciting new venture in food and wine visit

You will also find them on Facebook. I will be back with more reports once this outstanding restaurant and wine tasting room has opened to the public.

Once you know their mission statement, you’ll know so much more about them: “We aim to take the elitism out of wine, and to create a place where both wine connoisseurs and rookies alike can relax and enjoy a glass of good wine.” I commend them on all aspects.

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