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Travels with Dan–we literally stumbled upon Vines & Hops!


Nah, I don’t mean we were in a drunken stupor (you’d have to be a damn fool to be stumbling around drunk while traveling)! We were trying to find a shortcut back to the W Scottsdale (a Starwood resort) near the corner of Scottsdale and Camelback roads, and we took a street we hadn’t traveled along before on N. Brown St. That’s how we came upon the small sandwich board sign for this excellent wine and brew bar, Vines & Hops. Needless to say, we popped inside to discover a great little wine bar that was just our type for a glass of wine!


We met the friendly co-owner Thomas Dennett, who was tending bar, and we hit it off instantly. I appreciated the fact he said he could tell right away that we knew our way around the a wine list. We visited four times out of our seven day stay to see the San Francisco Giants in spring training. The Scottsdale Stadium is their home base at this time of year. One night, after an intense Giants vs. Dodgers game, we stopped in on our way to our room. The lights were out in the neighborhood but the popular bar was still open and filled with happy drinkers, just like us. When the lights went back, they continued to be busy. A sure sign of a popular place.

Vines & Hops is simply awesome: Great selection of local brews, an international and California/Arizona wine list, fair pours, and reasonable prices. And I have to mention the personable owners, Dennett and his partner Chad DeVille, who treated us and all of their customers like royalty.

I took a copy of the “Who Are We?” page on their webpage because it explains what they are all about. You can read it here:

“We, the Vines & Hops co-owners, Thomas Dennett and Chad DeVille, have lived and worked in the Valley for many decades, long enough to be considered natives by Phoenix standards.  We have spent a combined 36+ years working in the hospitality and food and beverage service industries, ranging from humble beginnings as servers to higher positions as food and beverage manager at a variety of Scottsdale premier hotels  as well as sole wine distributor for one of the local Arizona wineries.

Why Open a Bar?

Walking Away From Stability…we want to take all the things we have learned over the years, along with our love of good beer, great wine, delicious food and lively conversation, to bring to both locals and visitors to the Valley a place where everyone can feel at home and like part of the family, whether you are stopping in for a frosty mug to cool off in your cycling gear after a bicycle ride around Old Town or coming in to relax for some nibbles and wine in your evening’s finest before or after experiencing some of the Scottsdale nightlife.  There is a good chance that on every visit at least one of us will stop by to share a story or a laugh, or, if requested, their opinion about a choice of beer, wine or food.  We might even challenge you to a game of darts, cards, Jenga, or one of the other parlor games that are available for our guests to enjoy while sipping their beverages.

And of course, furry friends are welcome to join in on the fun and belly up to their own water bowls and doggie biscuits on our cozy dog friendly patio.

What We Offer

We will always feature 10 local beers from Arizona on tap, complemented by a large selection of other Arizona and microbrew beer selections by the bottle.  But don’t limit yourself to just the hops!  There is also a wide selection from the vines, too! Our wine list features a broad ranging selection of wines from Arizona, the West Coast, and beyond, by both the glass and bottle.   In addition, we will be featuring three private label wines that you must sample.

To make sure that your stomach never starts grumbling, the beer and wine selection is complemented by a selection of healthy small plate offerings, featuring bruschetta boards, salads, charcuterie plates, and other tasty treats.

So, if you are just visiting the Valley, or a local looking for your home away from home, we hope you will stop by and join us for a glass or pint.


Tom and Chad”


We tried this Willamette Valley Pinot Noir and found it delightful, and an older vintage at that, it was a 2009. Dennett said he got a good buy on it, and passed the savings to his customers. That’s what we call good business!

Learn more about them, or just find your way there the next time you’re in Arizona. This place is only about 10 miles from the Phoenix Airport according to my Uber bills to and from our flight.

Vines & Hops

4216 N. Brown Ave.

Scottsdale, AZ 85251


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