Exciting Opening–Blue Moon Over Avila!

Call us impetuous but we can’t help but share news of an exciting new Avila Beach restaurant opening next week–Blue Moon Over Avila!IMG_8100
If you loved Chef Jose Dahan as much as we have over nearly two decades (and we know you do if you know his outstanding cuisine), you’ll be happy to know that he’s bacckkk! He owned and operated the very popular Et Voila French Bistro on Los Osos Valley Road in SLO (which closed thanks to the economy crash in 2009). Now he’s poised to open a new French Bistro, appropriately named, Blue Moon over Avila, on Front Street in Avila Beach.

We first heard of it today through our friend Manny Luiz, owner and manager of Avila Wine Company in Avila Beach (avilawinecompany.com). So we ran right over today to find Chef Jose in the house, but they were not open yet. “We will open next week on October 3rd,” he told us, through hugs and kisses. While we were disappointed to miss out on lunch today, we were also excited to learn this new French bistro will open next week. It was so exciting to see him, and even more so in expectation of his opening on Sept. 3rd!

Chef Jose

So we expect to see you all there in line with us on Tuesday for lunch or dinner to check out this exciting new restaurant opening in Avila Beach. And why not arrive early to take in at least a few of the many wine tasting rooms that are open on a daily basis and give them your support–as we always do!

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want more info, or check them out at their new webpage at www.bluemoonoveravila.com.

Bon appetit!

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