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Steve Autry – A Multifaceted Man

Steve Autry

A local artist finds a home in the heart of Edna Valley Where can you find planes, trains, automobiles, raptors, and bunnies while tasting fine wines? Autry Cellars in Edna Valley and there’s no place quite like it where planes,…

Kumi Ko Sushi in San Luis Obispo

Kumi ko sashimi

A Rebirth in Japanese cuisine and sushi   On Valentine’s Day I find romance in sharing a special meal with my soul mate, Dan Hardesty, especially one that can be eaten without utensils. That’s why I recommend considering SLO’s newest…

Experience Matters

Nathan and crew

I was quite impressed while tasting through two Center of Effort (COE) and Effort 2009 Pinot Noirs with  wiinemaker Nathan Carlson. The quality of both wines was hardly surprising; they showcase the quality of the Edna Valley wine growing region.…